This Little Girl Was Held Captive for 3096 Days — She Describes the Horrifying Experience

On March 2, 1998, Natascha Kampusch was walking to school when she was abducted by Wolfgang Přiklopil. As she passed by his van, he grabbed ahold of her and threw her inside. She was only 10-years-old.

For the next eight years, or 3096 days, she was kept in a secret cellar (actually, it was more like a dungeon) below her kidnapper’s home. Beneath a trapdoor in his garage was a soundproofed, windowless room.

At first, he treated her quite pleasantly. At least, as nicely as you could someone whom you’ve just kidnapped and locked in a secret prison. He fed her well, bought her expensive gifts and did not physically harm her.

But them things got really weird.

“He began giving me presents like mouthwash and scotch tape,” she explains. And then the violence began.

He captor would constantly beat her up, starve her, and force her to stay in the darkness for long periods of time. She was forced to clean his home and was eventually sexually abused, though she insists the abuse was minor. She was his secret slave.

Despite the horrors she endured during those years, she actually showed empathy towards Přiklopil. She says that this was the only way she could have escaped.

On August 23, 2006, she finally managed to escape her monster’s grasp. Before police could arrest Přiklopil, he confessed what he did to one of his friends before taking his own life.