This Medical Condition Is Incurable — It Makes You Smell Like Rotting Fish and Feces

Everyone’s had those days when their body odor just couldn’t be kept in check. Sweaty, stinking armpits, bad breath, an odd smell emitting from their neither regions. It’s not fun. Not for you or those that are forced to be in your presence throughout the day.

For most people, body odor is something that can be cured with a little deodorant or a quick shower. But for those who suffer fromĀ trimethylaminuria (also known as “fish odor syndrome,” or TMAU) the smell lingers forever. We’re talking about a stench you can’t get out of your nose. We’re talking about no cure.

According to the affected, the smell is similar to either fish, garbage or feces. Although the person appears normal and healthy from the outside, the unpleasantness is excreted inĀ their urine, saliva, sweat, and pretty much every other bodily fluid.

So far, there have only been a few hundred reported cases of fish odor syndrome in medical publications, but you imagine how having this disorder would completely alter your life.