WATCH: This Mom’s Newborn Was Taken Away from Her by the State & the Reason Is Shocking

Ohio just shot down a proposal to legalize medical marijuana. As surprising as the news was to many, it’s not as shocking as what just happened to Hollie Sanford and her husband.

The Ohio Juvenile Court Magistrate Eleanore Hilow just made the decision to remove their newborn baby girl from their home because Hollie Sanford used a non-psychoactive marijuana-based tea to help with pregnancy-related nausea and labor pains. Non-psychoactive means that the tea didn’t contain any THC, which is the component that gets people (yes, even babies) high.

Sanford delivered her daughter on September 26 at a hospital in Cleveland. She and the infant tested positive for marijuana afterward, because Sanford had been admittedly drinking marijuana tea. She’d used the same tea while pregnant with her older son, who also tested positive for marijuana after his birth. Both babies were born completely healthy.

With her son, the authorities did nothing about what was found in the baby’s system, but the drug test after the recent birth of her daughter led to a visit of the Sanford home from a county worker. This lead to the controversial decision to take the healthy baby away.

“It’s outrageous,” Attorney Joseph Jacobs told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “The decision has no basis in law or science. There was no harm done to this child other than the removal from her mom and dad.”

Jacobs also told the Plain Dealer that Sanford’s newborn was not under “immediate or threatened physical or emotional harm,” which is the standard from which children are removed from homes under Ohio law. Again, he stressed that there was no way to get high from the drink.

Clearly, the Sanfords are fighting to get their baby girl back. Many feel that the baby was removed from their home at a political hour when a vote on marijuana was pending.

What do you make of this decision? Do you think the Sanford’s baby should be returned to her parents or do you think the child’s welfare is in jeopardy because of the marijuana tea?