This Optical Ilusion Can Tell If You Have A Dirty Mind

You’ve probably seen a bunch of these by now, including the gold/blue dress, but according to psychologists, optical illusions can tell a lot about personalities and how we view the world.

In this particular illusion, what you see first determines just how obsessed with sex you are and whether you’re lighthearted or not.

We don’t need to explain how this works, as the image clearly speaks for itself, but for those of you who seek clarification, there are two ways to look at this picture; either you see a curvaceous waistline and a pair of boobs, or two men dancing. The latter is slightly deceiving, as they don’t really look like two men dancing and their legs sort of don’t join, which is a bit weird.

So what does it all mean? That was a rhetorical question. Obviously, people who see a big pair of boobs have more than rainbows and unicorns on their minds, while those who see the dancing men are light-hearted. Light-hearted? Seriously psychologists, we beg to differ!

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