This Self-Defense Alarm Will Deter Everything from Attackers to Bears, And It’s Even Legal on Airplanes

Travelling alone can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it is not without dangers.  Whether traveling to a different country or just taking a day trip to a new place, the experience for a solo traveler can easily be marred by safety concerns.

In fact, some people might never go on their dream adventure out of fear for their personal safety. You can’t take pepper spray everywhere, after all.

Enter the personal security alarm.

A new start-up called ROBOCOPP is trying to make personal safety less of an issue for solo travelers. Intent on empowering people to stop delaying and start doing, their portable alarm is one gadget travelers shouldn’t go without.

Their premiere gadget is the ROBOCOPP Grenade, a wearable alarm mean to deter attackers and instantly repel wild animals.

The simple little gadget is portable, weighs less than an ounce and fits easily on a keychain.  Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, as the ROBOCOPP Grenade is outfitted with a 120 dB siren that is as loud as an ambulance.

Just like a real grenade, it’s activated by simply pulling a little hook out of the device. The alarm will sound for up to 30 minutes. Because it is so loud, it’s useful for warding off attackers, scaring off wild animals, and is useful for lost hikers who must signal for help.

Not only is it an effective non-violent deterrent, the Grenade is legal in places where other self-defense items—like pepper spray and tasers—are not. You can take a ROBOCOPP Grenade on planes, government buildings, federal buildings and it is legal in all 50 states.

According to research, personal alarms like the Grenade may be safer and more effective to use in instances of attack. For instance, pepper spray when used in close proximity can actually also impair the victim—making it even harder to escape from an attacker. Because of this, alarms like this one are changing the face of personal security for people everywhere.

Available online, it has even been named Amazon’s #1 New Release in Security Horns & Sirens.

You can learn more about ROBOCOPP and their mission to end sexual assault and worldwide violent crime here.