This Couple’s Vehicle Was Crushed Under a Shipping Container, What Rescuers Found Inside Is Even More Shocking

The pictures featured in the slideshow above are the main reason I freak out whenever I’m driving next to a semitrailer on the freeway.

There’s always a fear that a strong gust of wind will blow the shipping container over onto my car at a red light, or I’ll be involved in some kind of tragic accident and be crushed to death, or trapped inside.

According to CP World, when responders first arrived on scene and saw the vehicle flattened beneath the container, they thought they would be removing dead bodies from the wreckage. The incident occurred in Qingdoa, China’s Shandong province.

How could any human being possibly survive? A 100 ton crane had to be hauled in just to remove the shipping container off the car.

But miraculously, a couple survived this tragic accident. The woman escaped with only a few scrapes and bruises, and her companion with slightly more serious injuries.

They could have easily been flattened out like a pancake. Luck must have been on their side on this fateful day.

Images: YouTube screenshots