This South Korean Hangover Ice Cream Is Just What Your Weekend Needs

Asia’s biggest per capita alcohol consumers are South Koreans, and they can now soothe themselves after a big night out with hangover-fighting ice cream. A convenience store chain has launched the product, whose name in English translates to “hang in there.” According to the company, it is the first ice cream bar marketed specifically to combat the after-effects of alcohol consumption.

“When people dine together and drink too much, it is really hard for them to go work the next morning and get through the whole day,” says Marketing Manager at Withme, Yu Jae-Heon. “So we named the ice cream ‘Gyeondyo-bar’ in the hopes that people will get through the day well. And it contains oriental raisin extract and grapefruit flavour, so it really helps to ease a hangover.” Hangover cures in South Korea generate roughly $126 million in annual sales, according to industry data. This includes pills, beverages and cosmetics.

35-year-old cook, Yeom Chul-Min says that he usually has hangover-fighting drinks after he drinks alcohol. “But I was still always thirsty even after having those. So we actually wanted this kind of (hangover) ice-cream, which has finally launched now. As I just tasted it, it is very soft and light. It doesn’t taste like herbal medicine like those hangover cure drinks.” The grapefruit-flavored dessert contains oriental raisin tree fruit juice. It’s a traditional hangover remedy cited in a Korean medicine book from the 17th century and is included in popular hangover potions. “Hang in there” hits shelves on Friday, May 20, 2016.