This Third Grade Math Question Has Everyone Confused Because ‘5 x 3’ Isn’t What You’d Think

A third grade math quiz has left many confused and outraged, and has quickly gone viral online. A photo of the quiz shows the question that asks the student to use “repeated addition” to solve for the multiplication 5 x 3.

The answer written in is 15—which mathematically seems like the right answer. To show the work, the student wrote in “5+5+5.”

The teacher has marked off a point for this answer, deeming it incorrect. Instead the answer apparently should have been “3+3+3+3+3 = 15.”

A similar quiz question below is also marked incorrect for seemingly similar reasons.

As the photo has gone viral on Reddit and Imgur, many are blaming the quiz as yet another example of the extremely confused Common Core teaching standards in the school system

Math Question 5 x 3

According to Business Insider, the question is supposed to be read as “five groups of three” instead of “three groups of five.”

Those who defend this system say that marking the answer incorrectly, even though mathematically correct, will teach the child to think about the method used and will help them later in calculus.