This Woman Is Addicted to Snorting Baby Powder

Now 31-year-old Jaye was featured on the TLC show My Strange Addiction in 2012. She is addicted to snorting baby powder.

According to the Daily Mail her friends would notice traces of a white substance around her house, so therefore thought she had a drug problem. Little did they know that for about 16 years Jaye has been sniffing up the white dust-like substance.

It all began when she was a little girl and accidentally inhaled a bit of spilled baby powder, today she holds spoonfuls of it up to her nose to snort. Jaye takes a break about 10 times a day, to this.

Her addiction has gotten so out of hand that a layer of the powder covers her house making her floor, counters and furniture white. She guesses that she has snorted over 1,000 pounds of baby powder since the start of her strange addiction.