This Woman Takes Photos in 20 Different Fitting Rooms to Prove Why Clothes Shopping is the Worst

Everyone woman knows the struggle of clothes shopping, it’s the worst. The awful, cramped fitting rooms have terrible lighting that seem specifically designed to make you feel terrible about yourself and your body. It’s enough to make anyone throw in the towel and settle for a burlap sack, if it means foregoing the dreaded process of trying on clothes.

Some women buy clothes online—at least then you can try things on in the comfort of your own home, but then there is the huge hassle of shipping back the things that don’t fit. So into the fitting rooms we go.

Kristin Chirico is a woman who knows how bad clothes shopping can feel, so she decided to photograph herself in the fitting rooms of 20 different popular clothing stores.

She wore the same outfit to each dressing room, and also shares comparison photos of herself in her “normal” day-to-day lighting.

Her mission was to highlight the extreme differences that the lighting and space of a fitting room can make in a woman’s overall look.

It turns out, the type of lighting makes a huge difference—not just on how the clothing appears, but also because of how it highlights certain parts of the body and face.

The contrast proves that maybe women shouldn’t feel too bad if an outfit doesn’t look great in a store. It doesn’t mean you look that good or bad in “real” life—it’s just how you look in that one tiny box.

She shared her findings with BuzzFeed, and you can see more photos and read all about the experience and her conclusions here.

Check out the differences in the slideshow above.