3-Year-Old Boy Rescues Elderly Man Trapped Inside a Hot Car

A fast-acting 3-year-old is being hailed as a hero after rescuing an elderly Tennessee man from a hot car.

When 68-year-old Bob King found himself locked inside a car with faulty locks on a 91 degree day and no way to get out, he had reason to worry.

“We’ve been having trouble with the door on this car since we bought it,” King told ABC News.

This became a real issue last Sunday when King found himself unable to open the door as his wife attended an event at the Vestal Baptist Church in Knoxville. Without a key he was unable to turn on the AC and the temperatures inside the vehicle soared to over 120 degrees.

As the elderly man — who has battled cancer, two strokes, and wears a pace maker – panicked, he spotted little Keith Williams walking past the car and decided to get his attention.

“I hollered at him and he just looked at me kinda funny” he recalls. But soon enough the toddler knew something was wrong, and ran inside the church to get help.

Pastor Jack Greene was volunteering at the benefit that day when Keith ran inside and started pulling his hand, and urging him to follow him.

That’s when Greene went outside and realized what was going on. He rushed to King’s rescue.

After a few failed attempts, he got the door to finally open and lead the man inside where he was able to recuperate.

King explains if it hadn’t been for Keith, whom he lovingly refers to as “little preacher,” he would have waited another 20 minutes for his wife to come back.

“He is such a good kid” Greene added. “He is an inspiration and blessing to us.”