SEE: What One Woman Discovered Inside a Thrift Store Locket Will Horrify You

One woman walked into a New Hampshire thrift store and bought a silver locket for just $3.75. What she discovered inside the locket was a startling surprise. When Kathleen Driscoll opened the necklace she found a small tube that she believes to be the cremated remains of a person.

That is not the only thing she found hidden with the locket. Inside the box that came with the jewelry was the a printed note that read: “May the solid brass urn contained in this locket hold the memories of your loved one, keeping them close to your heart and bringing you comfort.”

Engraved in the locket is the phrase “Always in my Heart.” According to ABC News Kathleen used to work as a veterinary technician and knows what animal ashes look like, so she is almost positive that the remains do belong to a human.

Upon finding the vile of ashes, Kathleen contacted the thrift store again and is working with them to try and find its original owner. Both are very adamant on getting this strange thrift-store find back to its proper home.