WATCH: Tiger Cub Rejected by Its Mother Finds Unlikely New Mother

I’m always a sucker for an unlikely animal friendship, but maybe it’s not so unlikely if a dog’s involved. Man’s best friend seems to be simply the friendliest animal in all of mother nature’s kingdom — they’re well-known companions for cheetahs, for instance.

Now, a Labrador retriever has, for all intents and purposes, adopted a far more formidable wild cat — a tiger cub. The motherless cub imprinted upon the nearby lab, named Genie, who is so open to her new companion that she even lets the tiger suckle her milk.

After the 2-month-old cub was rejected by its mother, officials at the India zoo tried to find another animal to care for the unnamed cub. They found the perfect surrogate mother in Genie.

“They are like (mother) and son. There are many visitors coming just to see the dog and the tiger cub,” said zookeeper Rakesh Yadav. For the public it’s a new attraction seeing the tiger cub very friendly with the dog. They mainly come here to see the dog and tiger.”