Incredibly Preserved 1950’s Time Capsule Home [VIEW PHOTOS]

Time capsule homes come on the market every now and then, but it’s usually when a property has been forgotten and unearthed years after the owner’s death. But the one we found on the HGTV Canada website is something special and altogether different. Welcome to the home of a real-life time capsule –148 Jane Street in Toronto, Ontario. 

A 96-year old is selling her perfectly preserved 1950’s home, and it’s a sight to be seen. For 72 years, the homeowner lived in this house — which is has 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, a game room and more, housed between the basement, main floor and upstairs. It was impeccably decorated in 1950s and ’60s-era chic, but over the years the owner didn’t change much, so what you get now is a dwelling that looks like it was plucked out of a period movie. 

The color scheme runs from pink, purple, and dusty rose to sea-foam and aqua. Incredible, intricately detailed wallpaper lines most rooms, and the furniture only adds to the timeless feeling.

Some of the furniture also comes with the house, including the 1950’s Moffat stove. We’re hoping the pink rotary phone, twinkling chandelier and ornate hutches come along as well.

While it’s not exactly our taste, there is something incredibly fabulous about the way it’s been preserved all these years. We’d definitely take a tour if it was available.

And the price? Only $699,000 Canadian (approximately $634,877 in U.S. dollars).

If you’re looking to buy it, here’s the Realtor page. For all the photos, visit HGTV Canada.