WATCH: Dad Shares Incredible Time-Lapse Video of Daughter from Birth to Age 14

Frans Hofmeester “made the invisible, visible.”

After filming his daughter Lotte for 15 seconds every week for 14 years, he complied this breathtaking time lapse video portrait of her literally growing up before our eyes. If you do the calculations, that’s about 11,700 seconds of her life that the whole world gets to witness. It’s absolutely incredible.

Hofmeester’s choice to skip the traditional photo album to document his child’s growth has captured the attention of the world. Videos like these require a solid combination of planning, love, and dedication. By capturing a handful of seconds from each week of his daughter’s life, Hofmeester can look back at his daughter’s maturation in fast forward — something that every parent wants to be able to do.

Hofmeester’s piece elicits so many emotions in just four minutes that we cannot help but watch every second of it. As we watch her hair grow longer, her tears fall down her cheeks, and her teeth go missing, our hearts warm and our desire to create our own version of this video grows.

We could not decide which was more amazing: Watching Lotte grow from an adorable big-eyed baby to a stunning young teen in just four minutes, or the fact that her dad was able to remember to film 15 seconds each week. In any case, this video compilation is a breathtaking success that we hope continues for many years to come.