WATCH: Woman Goes on Tinder Date, Ends Up Donating Kidney to a Stranger

The Tinder date kidney donor is a story that has quickly gone viral, inspiring many with the power of selflessness. Jennifer Thomas turned to the popular dating app Tinder in an effort to get over a breakup. She met a man named Rich O’Dea who was also in the throes of rebounding from a bad relationship. The pair apparently hit it off really well, because after only a few months of dating, Thomas ended up donating her kidney.

It wasn’t O’Dea who needed the organ transplant, but instead a friend’s wife—for whom Thomas happened to be a perfect donor match.

Apparently while O’Dea and Thomas were on their first blind date, Thomas learned about Erika Bragan. Bragan had been battling with polycystic kidney disease. Her condition left her with failing kidneys, which would put her on dialysis for the rest of her life. She was in desperate need of a transplant.

Thomas felt sympathy for Bragan, who is a mother to children, and decided to see if she was a viable donor match—and she was!

Although O’Dea and Thomas ultimately decided to call off their relationship, they reportedly have remained friends—and now through Thomas’ act of kindness remain, in a way, connected for life.