Toast Girls Aloud’s 10-Year Anniversary with… Toast

If you’ve lived your whole life in the U.S. and don’t follow European singers or bands then you may not know the British group Girls Aloud. So with that in mind, here’s the brief background.

Girls Aloud was created on a TV talent show called Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. That means they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The ladies achieved twenty consecutive top ten singles, including four number ones, and two number one albums in the United Kingdom. All of their albums have been certified platinum, they’ve been nominated for five Brit Awards, and won the 2009 Best Single for “The Promise.”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Artist Nathan Wyburn created portraits of the girls using Marmite’s latest product, Marmite Gold, which is a unique blend of original Marmite and golden specks. Marmite is a spread, similar to Vegemite, that’s a by-product of beer brewing. Never had it, but I remember when the Men At Work song “Land Down Under” came out and people said Vegemite was rank tasting. Anyway, on Wyburn’s YouTube page he writes, “The Portraits took 10 hours to complete, with 6 jars of Marmite and 175 slices of toast! All toast was later given to a local horse farm to eat. Fun recycled art!”

Here’s the thing: Even if you don’t know the band, this video is kind of genius and amazing. So check it out– it’s already going crazy across Facebook.

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Nathan Wyburn