The Reason This Police Officer Is Distracting This Toddler Will Break Your Heart

toddler with police officer

This past weekend, the following photo was taken of a young police officer who was tasked with the job of distracting a toddler at the scene of a deadly car crash.

little girl accident 1

Officer Nick Struck responded to an accident in Brighton, Colorado in which six people were thrown from a moving car, including four children. Only the toddler pictured in Struck’s arms was wearing a seat-belt, as she was sitting in her car seat. The driver of the vehicle lost control of the car when a rear tire blew-out. The toddler’s father was killed — and luckily the rest of her family members survived.

In order to keep the youngster calm, Struck (a father himself) did his best to distract her from her family SUV that had rolled over, the helicopter that took them away to the hospital, and her dead father that was pulled from the wreckage.

little girl accident 3

This accident is a horrific reminder that wearing seat belts can make all the difference in the world. Had this toddler’s father been strapped in, she most likely wouldn’t have to experience the next 20 years without his support and loving presence.

While the majority of us human beings think we’re invincible on the road (and in life), it’s the unexpected that usually catches us off-guard and leads to pain. In this case, it wasn’t wreck-less driving that was to fault, but a piece of rubber (a tire) and ignoring the importance of seat belts that led to this disaster.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t take the chance — wear your seat belt and insist that everyone else in your car does the same.

The following video is a report from the scene.