Toddler Sings Lullaby to Baby Sister, and It’s Too Cute for Words

Meet two-year-old Elle. She’s holding her baby sister Penelope. It was time for bed, so Elle decided to since Penelope a lullaby — and it’s one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a while.

It was sent to us from Rae-Anne on our FTK Facebook page. While we read all the emails that come to us on that page, we don’t often take many of the videos or stories submitted because there’s only so much content we can put up on the site in a day. We also get a lot of submissions that some folks would enjoy seeing, but not the majority of our Facebook followers. Since you guys get enough stuff posted onto your wall in the day, we want to keep the posting to a minimum.

Still, when we saw this “toddler sings lullaby” video, it had us smiling right away. And Elle’s last little moment at the end of the 30 seconds stole our hearts, so we thought to put it up.

We hope it makes you smile.

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