WATCH: Terrifying Video of Two Toddlers Playing with Gun

The shocking footage shows a little girl loading and unloading a black handgun. The child is seen sitting next to her baby brother as their dad is heard talking to them nearby.

At one point the video takes an even more terrifying turn when the little girl turns the gun on her brother and says, “I’m going to shoot you.”

Still the parent does not step in.

The little boy screams and tells his big sister not to shoot. He then begs for the gun, and that’s when the two children begin to fight over the weapon, pulling it from each other’s hands.

Still the man behind the voice does not take the gun away. The video ends with the little girl asking for bullets and pointing the gun at the camera.

There have been some speculations about whether or not the weapon in the video is a weapon. Watch the footage and let us know what you think below.