This Will Make You Terrified to Ever Sit on a Toilet Again

There are plenty or urban legends circulating about bathrooms and toilets. For instance, one popular rumor is that you can catch diseases—like sexually transmitted ones—from an unclean toilet seat. Another popular, but untrue, myth is that toilets in the Southern Hemisphere (like in Australia) flush in the ‘opposite’ direction to those in the Northern Hemisphere.

One scary thing that actually is true about toilets—and that is majorly creepy—is that various creatures can, and sometimes do, crawl up your toilet through the pipes. Gross!

One person shared his own disgusting toilet discovery to Imgur, and it’s so nasty that it will make you too terrified to sit on a toilet again.

He shared a photo of a giant—we’re talking massive—rat stuck halfway out of the bottom of a toilet. The photo was apparently taken by his uncle from a hotel room he was staying in.

Rat in a toilet

The picture was shared by Cecebird, who captioned it “Rats and toilets…I didn’t know it could actually happen! One of my biggest fears as a child.”

Nobody wants to think about sitting down to do their business, only to have a toilet rat staring up at them.

“[My uncle] heard scratching in his bathroom,” Cecebird commented. “I would check out immediately! If it happened once, it could happen again.”