Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Divorce Terms Released: Tom Got Out Cheap

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce settlement terms are out and it seems that Tom got away pretty cheap, reports TMZ.

The terms outlined ensure that Holmes will not get any of Cruise’s $250 million fortune, due to their prenup, neither will she get any spousal support. The only money she will get is for child support, but it’s a pretty modest amount.

Cruise will hand over $400,000 a year ($33,333.333 a month) for the next 12 years until the ex-couple’s daughter, Suri, turns 18. In total, that amounts to $4.8 million. That’s chump change for the mega-star.

The actor will also pay for other Suri-related expenses such as medical, dental, college, education, insurance and extracurricular costs.

Both of the celebs have agreed that Suri will not attend a “residential school” until after high school, if she chooses. In other words, she will not be shipped off to Scientology or any other type of boarding school.

Don’t feel bad for Katie- Although she could have gotten more money under New York Law, all she wanted was a divorce and to have custody of little Suri and that’s what she got.

Photo: Getty Images