Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing After 5 Years of Marriage

This is one fiery situation superstar Tom Cruise won’t be able to fight his way out of.

In a not-so-shocking move that everyone apparently saw coming from day one, actress Katie Holmes filed for divorce after five years of marriage to Cruise. One of Hollywood’s most whirlwind courtships had nay-sayers striking down this union from the start. In fact, if you check out Twitter and Facebook right now it’s the topic everyone is talking/joking about. (Check out this Family Guy clip to get an idea of how they seem to view Katie’s side of the relationship.)

Support seems to be largely behind Katie, who TMZ is reporting has filed for sole and legal custody of the couple’s five-year old daughter, Suri, along with a “sizeable” amount of child support. The couple also signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their 2006 destination wedding in Italy. It states that Katie is entitled to receive $3 million dollars for every year she is married to Tom, meaning she could walk away with $15 million.

What finally caused the marriage to crumble is still up for speculation. Tell us what you think Katie’s breaking point was in the comment section below!