Kid Pulls Out Loose Tooth Using a Rocket, Dad Loves Every Second of It

Although the video featured above first made the rounds on the internet back in 2009, it’s been picking up steam again – and for good reason; it’s one of those things that just as entertaining each time you watch it.

One of the most exciting times in a young child’s life is losing his baby teeth in anticipation for the new ones to grow in. And for years, little kids have come up with novel ways to remove their teeth. Whether it’s tying a string to a door knob or using their bare hands, everyone has their stories of how they pulled out their wobbly teeth. This kid however, may have one of the best ones we’ve seen to date.

Bradley Harris uploaded a video of a young child who decided he would shoot his loose tooth into the air with the help of a toy rocket. You read that right.

While we wouldn’t ever encourage anyone to try this at home, we can’t help but be blown away – pardon the pun – by the genius idea. The little boy did not do this without adult supervision as his dad was by his side recording the whole thing as it happened. We even think the dad enjoyed it more than the child did, judging by his laugh.

Check out the tooth pulling video above.