Top 10 Gold Digger Names

On the heels of the top 10 names of men who are likely to cheat on you,, a free background check that searches public, criminal, arrest, civil, speeding tickets and more has just released the Top 10 Female Gold Diggers names, and the list puts Jennifer on top.

Identity theft has been on the rise with 1 in 8 searches coming up with a criminal past, and with that comes a rise in ‘gold diggers’ or women who are just chasing the money, legally or not. pulled data from over 2 million background searches and looked closely at the female names most often searched.

What came back were petty crimes such as personal property, vandalism and identity theft. From that list, the names that came up most often in the top 10 are Jennifer, Jessica and Michelle, followed by Lisa and Ashley.

So if you are a man dating a woman and are questioning if your girl has a shady past or is a qualified ‘gold digger’ just after your bank account, here are some ways to make sure you don’t get scammed.

1. A sense of entitlement: She thinks she is a princess and has no long-term or short-term goals. Search her first name and last name anonymously on a background search site such as Sites such as that one searches through online public records based on an algorithm and aggregates data across the internet to find what is listed online.

2. Trouble paying their bills: Gold diggers drop hints that they may be evicted or their car might be repossessed when instead they are buying $400 shoes and watches.

3. Age range: The girl is 30 years younger than you but tells you that she is 15 years younger.

4. She never pays for anything.

5. She is into expensive and lavish gifts: The girl asks you to pay for nails, hair and lavish trips.

6. They indulge in a pipe dream: She is constantly talking about becoming an actress or a model.

Check out the slideshow above and see what top 10 gold digger names you should avoid!

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