Top 10 Hipster Towns in the Country

You may think you live in a hipster town as you walk out of your local coffee shop with your freshly brewed cup of Joe and make your way over to the farmer’s markets to stock up on organic produce, but does your neighborhood make the nationwide cut? Forbes and gathered dated on more than 250 neighborhoods in the biggest cities around the U.S. and came up with a list of the top hipster hoods.

The communities were ranked based on walkability according to, number of coffee shops, farmer’s markets, locally owned bars and restaurants, variety of local food trucks, percentage of residents in artistic occupations, the number of times words associated with hipness came up on Nextdoor neighborhood’s site pages and surveys of residents. We have the top 10 cities. Check it out to see if your city is truly a hipster hood (because admit it- as tired as you may be of the term, you secretly want your town to be on the list).

1) Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA


With food trucks and farmer’s markets aplenty, as well as a booming art scene and a large creative community, it’s no wonder this Los Angeles town was deemed the number one hipster town in the nation.

2) Mission District, San Francisco, CA

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What earns San Fran’s oldest hood a spot on this list? For starters, it’s filled with restaurants, bars, coffee shops and food trucks. The lively mix of street art and building murals is the largest concentration in the whole city.

3) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

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This East Coast neighborhood is rife with shops, restaurants, food trucks, nightlife, a thriving music scene, and offers plenty of ease to travel on foot. Living in Williamsburg doesn’t come cheap however; the rent here is higher than some of the places in downtown Manhattan.

4) Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

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Known as an artists’ community, that started attracting artists and young adults in the late 1980s, Wicker Park has plenty of renowned galleries, music venues, boutiques and food options.

5) Pearl District, Portland, OR

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Like Wicker Park, Pearl District is also known for its art galleries and studios. This artsy hood also holds the second highest concentration of coffee shops per capita on this list and has huge farmer’s markets. Also like Williamsburg, prices are on the rise as many of the older buildings are being transformed into high rise condos and loft residencies.

6) H Street Corridor, Washington DC

Photo: Tom Williams

The H Street Bridge offers this ‘hood some isolation from the rest of the city. A great nightlife with tons of dance clubs, rock venues, festivals, and burlesque shows are H Street’s claim to fame. It also touts cool restaurants like Sticky Rice, which offer patrons a game of speed bingo as they eat their meals.

7) East Austin, Austin, TX

Photo: Reader of the Pack

This hipster haven has some of the highest rated Mexican eateries in the country, as well as coffee shops, a farmers market, and great food trucks like the East Side King parked outside of music venues and bars every night.

8) Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Photo: Newsroom

Capitol Hill is known for both its hipster and gay communities, as well as its Java culture. This Seattle ‘hood has the highest coffee shop per capita ranking on the list. In addition, there is a great local farmer’s market in the area as well as bars, fringe theaters and impromptu street parties, which add hipness to the nightlife. Walkability also earned Capitol Hill a spot on the list.

9) The Uptown, Oakland, CA

Photo: Zuma Press/Newscom

The fast-paced growth in this neighborhood has caused new restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to open on a weekly basis in this Oakland, CA District. It also has some of the best farmer’s markets in the country, according to Forbes. Other things the district offers include art galleries, an improv theater, and several medical marijuana clubs all around the area.

10) Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA

Photo: Chriskiess

With an amazing Arts District, access to the Crescent City farmers market, and a collection of galleries and museums that include the Contemporary Arts Center and the National World War II Museum, New Orleans’ Warehouse District makes the top 10 on the hipster list. Also, the place has some incredible eateries, such as Emeril Lagasse’s original restaurant. Yum!

To check out the complete list, click here. Did your neighborhood make the list? Let us know in the comments below.