Top 10 Names the Royals Won’t Name Their Baby

Prince William and his wife Kate have yet to announce a name for their newborn son — royal watchers suspect George and James as likely contenders for Britain’s new third in line to the throne.

It’s hard enough for average non-royals to choose a great and fitting baby name, but imagine if the name would be one for the history books.

We came up with a few names we know won’t be on the short list. But imagine if they were and what it might do to better foreign relations and understanding around the globe.royals and baby

1.  Barrack, he is a Nobel Peace Prize winner AND the first African-American president.

2. Instead of George, how about Trayvon.

3. Al, after Sharpton not Fat Albert or Belgium’s King Albert.

4. Muhammad, as in Ali or the great prophet.

5. North, as in the seed of a Kardashian and a West–the coming together of an Armenian-American and African-American–a true melting pot.

6. Mos, as in Def.

7. Blanket, the product of a global musical icon.

8. Nelson, as in Mandela.

9. Homer, as in the poet not Simpson.

10. Charlie, or Chuck, as in Chaplin not Brown.

Bonus: Marlon, as in Brando not Wayans.

My dollar (or pound as it were) is on George…