Top 10 Worst Friends You Probably Have

No one’s perfect, not even the friends you love. But there are some friends who drive you nuts even though you keep them around. The following are a round-up of the worst friends you may or may not have kicked to the curb by now.

1. The Code Breaker: The Code Breaker is always flirting, no matter if the person he/she is flirting with is in a committed relationship or married. He/she also has a history of dating close friends’ exes, including yours. You keep the Code Breaker around because this person is the life of the party but unfortunately knows no bounds.

2. The Neglector: This is the friend who disappears whenever there’s a new love interest. You don’t hear from him/her when he/she is in a relationship, aside from the occasional text, usually about the new love. He/she is great when single, and you have so much fun together…until he/she falls in love and becomes a ghost.

3. The Dumper: The Dumper is always negative and down on life. He/she rarely has anything positive to say, and whenever he/she opens her/his mouth, it’s usually a complaint. However, the Dumper is a kind soul and never does you wrong, even though she/he casts dark clouds on your sunniest days. He/she never runs out of problems to dump on you, as silly as his/her gripes may be.

4. The Judge: The Judge has no respect for anyone different from him/herself. She/he’s always looking down on people, even you, for doing things the wrong way or just doing the wrong thing. Judgments include fashion preferences, life choices, food preferences, life partners, using cuss words, even parenting skills.

5. The Debtor: This is the friend who never has enough cash to cover her/himself whenever you go out. He/she is always borrowing money or items and is very neglectful in paying you back and returning your things. Ironically enough, the Debtor is quick to nickel-and-dime you on the rare occasion that you’re in need or simply forgot your wallet.

6. The Narcissist: It’s always about The Narcissist, even when you’re dealing with the worst tragedies in your life. If you need an ear, he/she is there but always inserting his/her own story in there. A bad listener, The Narcissist loves to hear himself/herself talk—all the time.

7. The Competitor: Everything’s a contest with The Competitor: lovers, cars, shoes and looks, just to name a few. He/she is never content without trying to one-up someone in your circle of friends, even you. He/she is usually quite successful but a pain in the butt.

8. The Lush: The Lush is usually a lot of fun until he/she gets too drunk. The problem is that he/she always gets too drunk and ruins the night by making a scene (hanging on people, unable to walk, slurring, etcetera) and needs you to take care of her/him. The Lush is never the designated driver.

9. The Spoiled Brat: The Spoiled Brat is the one who always gets to decide where you eat, which movie you’ll see and which bar you’ll go. If you didn’t have a hint of a spine, he/she would tell you what to drink at the aforementioned bar of his/her choice.

10. The Sex Addict: This friend is boy/girl obsessed. He/she doesn’t appreciate or even seem to understand a night out with buddies. When he/she does take time out from galavanting to come out with you, he/she spends the night trying to gather phone numbers.