Top 12 Craziest Crimes of 2015

It seems that people have been doing wrong since the beginning of time. Well, 2015 was no exception. In fact, some would say that it was an exceptionally crime-filled year marked by grisly news headlines.

We’ve rounded up some of the most shocking news pieces to share with you as we recap the entire year in news.

In the slideshow above, click on any headline that grabs you so you can read the article(s) in full.

We’ve got a father who killed his baby, which was found by a cable guy; twin sister who shared everything, including a penchant for murder; a teen who uploaded a photo of himself with the corpse of the person he killed; a woman caught having sex with a dog in her grandmother’s house; a young woman who encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide; a couple who didn’t take their newborn baby to a hospital and face jailtime for his death; journalists shot dead by a familiar gunman; twin 9-year-olds left at home while the parents went abroad; a man who found his wife in bed with another man and bit off his ear; a teen girl who beheaded her mother after watching ISIS videos; a nanny who shook a baby to death; and finally, a recent interview with vampire who killed a helpless couple.

Yes, people. You’ll be ready for 2016 once you get through reading these chilling stories about the crimes of 2015.