Top 6 Most Evil Wives in History

There are a lot of strange and demented people out there, but this top 5 list of the cruelest wives in history will make you appreciate even the craziest people you love.

From murder to absolute betrayal, these women take the cake as the most evil wives in history.

1. Granny Ripper

Tamara Samsonova, a 67-year-old pensioner and a former hotel worker, admitted to beheading and chopping up at least ten victims during a 20-year killing spree. One of her victims was her own husband. In a shocking turn, it turns out she was also eating her victims’ lungs. Yes, Granny Ripper is a cannibal!

2. The Aussie Butcher

Not only did this Aussie housewife kill her husband, she cooked him and attempted to feed his remains to her children. In 2002, Katherine Knight stabbed her husband 37 times with a butcher’s knife before skinning him. She then boiled his head, baked his flesh and prepared vegetables for her children’s dinner. The police found the grizzly meal before anyone had a chance to eat it.

3. Gold & Grave Digger

When Mary Ann Cotton found out that she would receive payouts for the death of a family member, she decided to make bank. She murdered 21 people via arsenic poisoning, 12 of whom were her own children. She also killed several husbands and even her own mother just to make money.

4. The Black Widow

In 2009, Stacy Castor was found guilty of intentionally poisoning her then-husband David Castor with antifreeze in 2005. She’d also attempted to murder her daughter, Ashley Wallace, with crushed pills mixed in with vodka, orange juice, and Sprite in 2007. In addition, she is suspected of having murdered her first husband, Michael Wallace, in 2000.

5. The Sexual Strangler

Crystal Boader strangled her husband Tony during a sex game, but the courts didn’t believe it was a kinky accident. Crystal ignored Tony’s instructions to lower him and brought him down slowly over a 15 minute period during which he lost consciousness. For the next 40 minutes she checked his pulse and smoked cigarettes. Later on, she phoned the police and tried to pass it off as an accident.

6. The Granny of Death

76-year-old Betty Neumar murdered four of her five husbands. She even took out a $100,000 life insurance policy on her grandson and named herself the beneficiary. Three of her four husbands were shot. Betty Neumar’s partners never lasted long, and now we know why.


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