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Top 5 Testosterone-Boosting Songs

Whether you’re getting ready for a hard workout or a night out on the town, there’s one thing that always helps get the blood flowing—the right music. The smooth sounds of Michael Buble might be great for relaxing, but they’re bad for… well, pretty much everything else.
Another necessity for both improving your workouts and performing in bed is having strong testosterone levels. Studies have shown that both red wine and a healthy supplement that naturally boosts free testosterone levels can help. Now a study published in the Journal of Infant Development shows that hard rock and heavy metal can boost testosterone levels in utero.
So with that in mind (and without any scientific info to back us up), here are our picks for the top 5 testosterone boosting-songs of all time.
“Welcome to the Jungle”
With its machine-gun guitar riffs and manic vocals, this Guns N’ Roses track will totally get you revved up. There’s nothing more badass than that intro. The story behind the song, however, is not-so-badass: Lead singer Axl Rose first heard guitarist Slash’s famous riff while he was living in Slash’s mother’s basement!
“Whole Lotta Love”
When it comes to getting those sex boosters going on, this Led Zeppelin classic has it all: a cutting guitar riff, killer vocals, and lyrics that don’t even bother with innuendo. When Robert Plant sings, “Way down inside, you need it / I’m gonna give you my love,” even the most chaste nun knows what he’s talking about.
“Rock You Like a Hurricane”
If you listen to any Scorpions song, pay attention to their soaring guitar riffs, not their lyrics. Here’s a sample: “My body is burning / It starts to shout / Desire is coming / It breaks out loud.” Huh??? There’s a good reason why the lyrics make no sense—the band was from Germany. They rocked guitars, not pocket translators. Nevertheless, this one gets you going.
“Back in Black”
People have listened to this AC/DC smash a billion times and still don’t know any of the lyrics. That’s mostly because it sounds like one long primal scream… and that’s also why it gets guys fired up. Did you know the album Back in Black is the second biggest-seller of all time, behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Michael Jackson’s screams? Well, they quite as manly.
“Enter Sandman”
This Metallica smash is like musical CPR. That killer steel guitar riff, that unrelenting drum beat, and James Hetfield’s freaky voice could get even the deadest dude’s blood pumping. If it doesn’t rev you up, you’re either deaf, six feet under, or you might simply need to find another testosterone boost.

Getting a Real Boost

Given that you’re not an infant, it’s tough to know whether or not the music alone will enhance your free testosterone levels the way a supplement can. There are some studies showing that heavy metal music can influence men to behave aggressively, but there’s no definitive tie to increased testosterone levels.
Still, if all it takes is some good wine (which you know your date will like), and maybe a workout supplement to help you reach your physical and sexual performance goals, she doesn’t need to know about your pre-date jam heavy metal session. Just let her think you like Michael Bublé and let the evening flow as it may.

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