The Handbag Collection Every Fashionista Needs in 2015

It’s a new year, the time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Some gals refresh their gym habits, others commit to healthier cooking and still others create new career goals. But if you’re a die-hard fashionista and accessories addict like me, your New Year’s resolutions center around your wardrobe. I’m making over my bag collection in 2015, starting with the everyday designer leather handbag.

Leather Handbag

The first bag on my list is a luxury handbag by Coach. And since my 30th birthday is in January, a luxury purchase is more than appropriate (happy birthday to me.) Coach bags are timeless, and this will be a beautiful addition to my collection. Plus, it’s spacious enough to carry all of my essentials. Consider the leather handbag to be your everyday carryall for work Monday through Friday and shopping on the weekends. Make a statement with a bright and vivacious color. Orange is my signature color, which means I’ve got my eye on tangerine and pumpkin hues.

Crossbody Bag

Every on-the-go gal with a sense of adventure needs a crossbody bag. The crossbody bag helps you transition from hardworking career woman into the fun-loving and spontaneous girl. It’s your Sunday boozy brunch sidekick and partner in crime. The crossbody bag is also minimalist chic for hands-free convenience, which means if you’re a mom who’s got a baby on her hip or a toddler’s hand to hold, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Go for a whimsical look with a floral-patterned bag or wear a studded bag for edgy flair. It’s all about keeping it cool and casual.

Messenger Bag

As a freelancer, my MacBook is frequently in tow. No matter where I’m traveling to and from, I need my laptop to fit securely in a bag. The Herschel Supply Co. messenger bags are equipped with a fleece-lined laptop sleeve pocket with enough room for the basics: iPhone, credit card, ID, keys and Burt’s Bees. Keep in mind, every bag serves an aesthetic purpose. My colorful leather handbag with a refined silhouette and polished hardware is for my sophisticated work style. My mix-and-match polka dot and houndstooth Herschel bag is for my laid-back hip weekender side. It’s perfect for wearing across the shoulder while biking on a fixed gear to a local coffeehouse.


Green is in, and I’m not talking about your emerald green New Year’s Eve dress or the seafoam green-painted walls at home. Eco-friendliness is “in” for way longer than just a season. You can embrace the earth like any other treehugger with (cute!) reusable bags for groceries and errands. I like the cotton canvas totes from West Elm—they are durable enough for wine and hummus and printed with fun sayings like “Carpe Diem” and “Hunting and Gathering.” For a more upscale look, check out West Elm’s metallic and color-blocked totes. You can even monogram these bags for extra personalization.


Even though I’m a bit of a homebody, a gal still requires the going-out essentials—an LBD, black heels, a black blazer and a stunning clutch to tie it all together. I prefer the classic strapless envelope or foldover clutch design in a neutral color like black, ash or taupe for stylish versatility. Of course, it’s fun to be fancy, especially if you do dress-up only about once a year. So if you’re dressing up in couture for a wedding or any other kind of elegant affair, don’t be afraid to look over-the-top lavish with a jewel-embellished or crystal-beaded clutch.

Top Handbags 2015 – About the Author: Abby Terlecki sees herself as one of those creative writer-types who always prefers to tell stories with her keyboard than through her mouth. When Abby’s not writing freelance articles, text messages, to-do lists, or CrossFit scores, she enjoys the outdoors and perfects her craft as a full-time writer for a digital content marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona.