Top Jay Z and Solange Conspiracy Theories & Insanely Wacky Memes

The above video covers a handful of theories that are floating around after Solange Knowles let loose on Jay Z.

Social media has been buzzing about the event since TMZ released security footage of the duo fighting in an elevator at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles after the MET Gala.

Top theories have included everything from Solange being angry that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, to Jay Z trying to shut the elevator door on Solange, to Jay Z saying something disparaging about her career, and even a fight surrounding Solange’s future Illuminati initiation.

Whatever it was, it was enough for Solange to lash back on Instagram:


To top things off, numerous memes have been created to make light of the situation. We’ve compiled some of the most popular for your viewing pleasure: