Sol Pais Found Dead

Student Wanted Over Columbine Obsession Is Dead

A Florida student, who the F.B.I said was on a "pilgrimage" to Columbine, was found dead on Wednesday. Her threats inspired hundreds of schools in the Denver area to close down for...

Little Boy Dragged into Water by Alligator at Disney World

Officials are on the search for the 2-year-old!

The Man Who Killed Two Police Officers in Paris Has a Dark Secret

Police found a bloodied knife at the scene along with a list of other potential targets.

‘I’m Gonna Die’ – Final Texts Between Victim and Mother During Orlando Shooting

These are the chilling messages from inside the nightclub.
orlando nightclub shooting

Fifty Killed in Florida Nightclub Shooting, Worst in U.S. history

Get the latest on the Orlando nightclub shooting.

WATCH: Florida Man Tries to Kidnap Girl in Broad Daylight

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