Emergency TV alert accidentally orders Long Island be fully evacuated due to hurricane Hermine

According to FEMA region spokesperson in New York, Lauren Lefebvre, New York federal officials are investigating an emergency alert system after a wrongfully abbreviated message told Long Island residents to evacuate the area before...

China Students Pay For Excessive Toilet Flushing

A university in China has come up with a rather unusual way of dealing with water shortages; they are giving each student a quota for toilet flushes. Kunming Health Vocational College in Yunnan province has...

American Student Kidnapped In China Becomes Adopted By North Korea

United States student, David Sneddon, was thought dead when he disappeared in 2004. Chinese police said that he may have had a hiking accident but his body had never been found. He resurfaced alive...

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WARNING: This video may be too graphic for some audiences. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

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