Top Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

It’s difficult to imagine in today’s very challenging job climate that people would even considering leaving a decent paying job. But for some, their jobs can feel like prison sentences, and though they strive for a great workplace environment where all they want is to work hard and feel good about the work they’re doing, they feel beaten down and unappreciated. In these cases most people need just a few basics, and without them many employees will opt for finding another place to work. 
quitting a job 1.

Not following a passion. Let’s be honest, not every job is your “dream job”. But if you’re not doing what you love, meaning you get up every morning wishing you were sick enough to call-in, then this probably isn’t the right job for you, and you will never tap your true potential. Make sure you know what else is out there before making a radical move, but a perpetual feeling of discontent isn’t the recipe for success.

Working hard, but not being recognized. Everyone needs some kind of pat on the back. Recognition can be big with a financial compensation or title change, or just a kind and supportive word, but when people feel overlooked, even after challenging themselves and taking on a bit of extra work, they tend to want to find it elsewhere. Working in a vacuum goes against most people’s natural need to further themselves.

A badly behaving boss. Harassment (sexual, bullying or otherwise) should be an automatic reason for writing your resignation. It’s recommend to consult an employment attorney on such issues, but if you feel uncomfortable in a job, not only is your health at risk, but so is your ability to feel confident enough to search for another position.

The company is tanking. The firm has managed to stay afloat during several downsizings, management changes and reorganizations, but if the company still seems on the verge of collapse, it’s better to plan ahead and leave than wait to be fired. There’s no need to go down with this ship. Put on your life preserver and get in the water.