Women Go Topless in Support of Equal Rights

On Sunday, women gathered in Times Square in New York City to stand up against the city mayor, Bill de Blasio. Many are familiar with Times Square being a colorful place full of life, but this weekend, it was also full of women in nothing but thongs and body paint posing with tourists for money.

As you can imagine, the proactive gesture is not sitting well with Mayor de Blasio, with many people complaining that it is an unwanted visual, especially for tourists with children.

According to CNN, he told the press: “The situation is going to change, this is what I’ll guarantee you.”

New York City laws state that it is legal for women to be topless in public.

Once this information became widespread, that’s when women became uninhibited. Tons of women began gathering in Midtown Manhattan topless to take a stand for women’s rights and the right to be topless in public. Some women bared body paint and other signs that read “Women’s Breasts Are Family Friendly.”

While the protest may not have created any immediate changes, it did draw a large crowd creating a social buzz and countless headlines.