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Crazy Wedding Photos: Kissing Next to a Tornado

A tornado is heading straight for your hometown! Quick, what do you do?

If you’re for-hire photographer Colleen Niska, you likely answered, “Grab my camera and the nearest bride-to-be and snap some fabulous photos!”

tornado wedding photos

Yes, it seems like having your wedding photos taken in front of a natural disaster may be the latest fad in the age-old art of wedding announcements, as evidenced in the wedding photos taken by Niska just days ago for an innocent couple. These surreal photos come just in the wake of wedding photos in front of an Oregon wildfire and the equally bizarre trend of bridesmaids flashing their butts for photos.

The psychology behind this trend of shooting tornado wedding photos is anyone’s guess — is it supposed to mean that love conquers all, even a life-threatening twister? If that’s the message, we have to take issue, as no loving embrace could withstand the imposing winds you’ll find inside a tornado.

tornado wedding photos

While a natural disaster might seem like a stunning backdrop to announce your big day, it probably isn’t the healthiest way to view natural disasters. Who knows, we may be raising a whole generation of ill-fated storm chasers destined to be sucked into a hurricane while pursuing that perfect photo of them reciting vows in the eye of the storm.

All our joking, we still extend our kudos to the daring of photographer Colleen Niska for taking such breathtaking photos. Even if it does seem the slightest bit crazy to us.

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