TOUCHING VIDEO: Robin Williams Meets Koko the Gorilla

This is most certainly a throwback video, but it seems all the more relevant given Robin Williams’ tragic passing on Monday.

The video shows the legendary comedian and actor bonding with Koko, a gorilla famous for being able to communicate via sign language, back in 2001. In 2004, The pair of them filmed a public service announcement together for the Gorilla Foundation.┬áIt’s futile to try to put it into words, but just trust me that the video is truly beautiful look into what made Williams (and Koko) so special.

Perhaps most tragically of all, Koko the gorilla reportedly cried when hearing of Williams’ death this week. When she overheard her trainers discussing the tragic news, she signed that she was “crying.”

Like the rest of us, Koko grieved for her friends’ loss. Trainers said she looked “quiet” and “very thoughtful” after receiving the news, acting “very somber” at the end of the day.

We feel for you Koko.