Tourists Hide Their Faces in Shame, What They Are About to Go Do Will Shock You

Tourists arriving at three farms in rural South Africa were met with protest signs and shame for the shocking events that they were about to participate in. In fact, the visitors were forced to hide their faces from cameras for fear that their identity would be revealed.

According to reports, these people were arriving to participate in a “driven hunt,” an activity condemned by many as a wholly unethical way to slaughter animals and is widely considered to be a completely unsportsmanlike activity. Many maintain that no self-respecting hunter would take part in a driven hunt and consider it cruelty to the animals.

During a driven hunt, animals are forced into an open line of sight and shot down. As targets they have no chance of escape.

For the event, farm staff called “chasers” sweep an area by walking shoulder-to-shoulder. It drives the animals to flee in a single direction—directly into the line of fire, where the hunters are waiting.

Paul Oxton, the founder for Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation spoke with The Dodo, denouncing the planned hunt.

“No hunting actually took place in the practical sense of the word,” he said. “There’s really no sport in it.” He describes the hunters as taking pot shots, with no fair chance to the animals. “It’s highly unethical.”

During the recent events held in Alldays, South Africa, an estimated 98 animals were slaughtered in this fashion.

According to reports, the hunters—who allegedly all paid exorbitant fees in order to participate—indiscriminately shot at any creature that came into view, regardless of size or species.

While there is no legislature that currently bans the activity, Oxton and other animal welfare activists hope to raise awareness against this morally questionable act.