WATCH: Traffic Reporter Caught on Live TV Ordering from Drive-Thru

A Baltimore traffic reporter was caught on live TV trying to order a fish filet sandwich on the job. When the news station’s live broadcast cut to their eyes-on-the-ground traffic man, they probably didn’t expect to learn his fast food order — but that’s exactly what happened, and it’s hilarious.

Candace Dold, an in-studio reporter, cut to Jimmy Uhrin so he could deliver updates on the harsh road conditions.

Totally unaware for a few seconds that his mic is on and cameras are rolling, Uhrin asks the McDonald’s drive-thru if it’s too early for them to serve a fish sandwich. When he realizes he’s live, Uhrin is barely flustered saying “hey, I’ve been in the car since four o’clock. I’m starving.” He went on to explain that he’d spent the last eight hours driving around in the car gathering information on road conditions.

Finally he got around to the report—kind of:

“Stay put. It’s bad out here. I’ve been out since four. Stay put folks. Trust me. I didn’t know we were coming live, I’m sorry. ”

The video has attracted its share of doubters, who wonder if the on-air gaffe was real or if it had been staged.  Whatever the case, we know it’s hilarious as heck.

Check it out for yourself above.