The Circus Has Gone Too Far – Watch as an Elephant Tragically Falls During Performance

We have heard many stories about circuses mistreating animals for the sake of a performance. The footage above is from a circus in Belarus. It shows the elephants going through various acts of the show, some of which require them to stand on three legs.

It isn’t until the end of the performance that you see the team prepare for a dangerous trick. They stack several platforms on top of each other and instruct the large elephant to stand at the very top.

While the animal struggles to get down the platforms it slips and falls nearly six feet. As you can see from the video the audience screams and two other elephants from nearby rush to the side of their fallen friend.

Reports say that the animal was injured from the fall, but will be forced to perform again despite the pain and trauma. There are currently no rules that restrict the use of elephants in circuses, however with this tragic circus video traveling through the web many hope action will be taken.