It Trailer: Demonic Clown Pennywise Is Back And As Terrifying As Ever

Pennywise is back (YouTube/WarnerBros)

After the creepy killer clown attacks last year here’s something even scarier.

The trailer for the remake of 90s cult classic horror movie IT has landed and nearly 30 years later it’s just as frightening.

Based on Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel, It follows the exploits of seven children, who unite against a demented clown terrorizing their small American town.

Directed by Andrés Muschiettim, the action opens in 1957 in the fictional town of Derry, Maine as six-year-old George chases a paper boat down a water-logged street and locks eyes with something lurking in the drain.

It Trailer

The movie isn’t out until September, but from the first trailer it seems the remake is sticking faithfully to the original film. Terrified residents haunted by the sudden disappearances of its town’s children, the red balloons floating mysteriously into scene and – of course – Pennywise, the unhinged clown at the centre of the horror.

The cause of many a nightmare for children across the globe since the release of the original, this time the white-faced killer is brought to the screen by Bill Skarsgård.


Lurking throughout the trailer, Pennywise is seen in all its glory towards the end of the trailer, emerging from the sewer in hunt of it’s preferred prey – young children.

We might have had an array of horror movies in the time between the original and the remake, but Pennywise hasn’t lost its edge when it comes to instilling cold, blooded, fear.


It will hit cinemas just in time for Halloween, with rumours a sequel is already in the works.

Producer Roy Lee practically confirmed this to Collider last year, explaining: “We’re taking it and making the movie from the point of view of the kids, and then making another movie from the point of view of the adults, that could potentially then be cut together like the novel. But it’s gonna be a really fun way of making this movie.”