WATCH: Train Operator Unleashes Beatdown on Man for Attacking Female Passenger

Who knew that Aussies got so rough with one another! This video has us all stunned with its sheer violence.

What lead up to the violent confrontation between a train conductor and a passenger remains hazy.┬áBut it’s been reported that the man had attacked a female passenger moments before getting a taste of karma.

The footage of the beatdown was filmed by one of the passengers on the train. What’s most shocking about it is that the unruly passenger keeps getting up and going towards the train operator, as if he’s seeking more punches.

At one point, you hear a woman on the train protest to the conductor’s violent beatings by yelling “that’s enough.” You also see a few men try to keep the conductor away from punching the bruised up passenger further.

Was any of this legal, even if the passenger had broken the law?

“We are working with transit detectives to investigate the altercation,” a Victorian Police spokesperson said.

Tell us what you think. Should the conductor get in trouble for this or should he be applauded as a hero? Share your thoughts below.