Trans Woman Illegally Injects Booty with Black-Market Drugs to Make It Bigger

Meet Tatiana Williams, a curvy trans woman who has spent about $100,000 on illegal black-market butt injections in an attempt to achieve a larger backside.

The 43-year-old “Body Goddess” and entertainer explains that she has literally spent the last 20+ years of her life transforming her body. She even alleges that her 60 inch butt is the reason Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are so famous for their booty.

But these boosters don’t come without a price. Over the years, she has seen many of her friends experience the horrors of body enhancement, such as paralyses, disfigurement and even death.

So far, Williams has had silicone added to her breasts, face, hips and butt. She has also had fillers in her cheeks, two nose jobs and laser surgery.

Barcroft Media covers the story of this trans woman’s butt in the video above.

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