Transgender Guy Takes Photos for 3 Years of His Transition During Testosterone Treatment

guy transition from female to male

Jamie Raines, 21, began taking testosterone when he was 18-years-old. He decided that in order for him to make the greatest difference for the world and other transgender men and women he would share his journey.

To accomplish this, he took a selfie of himself each day for three years. The above slideshow reveals some of his most important milestones along the way. The following video provides even more details on his transition.

Raines has shared that he was about for when he realized he was born a female and not a male. He remembers thinking he was a boy and became increasingly aware that he was different from others kids.

At the age of eight, he asked his mom if he could cut his hair short. He then asked her if he looked more like a boy. As he grew, he knew that he needed to make the transition and had the courage to go forward with it.