WATCH: Ukrainians Are Tossing Unpopular Politicians Into Trash Cans

They call it the #TrashBucketChallenge, but its not quite so wholesome as the Ice Bucket Challenge we all know about. It’s more politically subversive than that.

Ukrainian citizens have been tossing unpopular politicians into dirty trash cans in a form of crude revenge. The trend began in earnest last month when an angry mob threw Vitaly Zhuravsky, who authored an unpopular bill to make protesting punishable with jail time, into a dumpster.

Elite Daily reports, however, that it actually began even earlier, when members of the radical right-wing group Right Sector in southern Ukraine dumped insurance official Oleg Redenko, accused of taking bribes, into a trashcan and shut the lid on his screams, capturing the whole brutal affair on camera.

On September 25, another mob pulled the same stunt on Viktor Pylypyshyn, a colleague of Ukraine’s ousted former president Viktor Yanukovych.

Right Sector tried the trash bucket challenge again when they beat up lawmaker Nestor Shufrych on September 30, before police intervened, escorting Shufrych to safety before the mob could get their hands on a dumpster.

Ukraine’s interior minister Arsen Avakov asked Right Sector to cease the attacks, which he says only harm the embattled nation’s quest for peace. Right Sector, however, responded by vowing to continue the trash bucket challenge and attack more politicians before the upcoming elections on October 26.

A recent bill may end the need for the challenge, as the Ukrainian Parliament passed legislation last Tuesdaycreating a bureau to target corrupt politicians.