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SEE the Stark Contrast Between North Korea & South Korea in Photos

Get a glimpse into the major differences between the two countries.

Vietnam: Inside the Giant Jungle Cave of Hang Son Doong

Check out the overwhelming beauty of what is very likely the largest cave passage in the world.

This Serene Crater Lake Looks Inviting, But It Hides a Deadly Secret

Scientists learned the hard way you should never take a rubber boat into this beautiful lake.

The Cheapest Places to Travel Each Month of the Year

Check out our list of travel destinations and when its cheapest to visit.

It Rained in the Driest Desert on Earth, and Something Very Strange Happened

Some are blaming climate change for this occurrence.

22 Crazy Things That Only Happen in Australia

Who knew this massive island could be so wild!

Man Trains Pigeons to Smuggle Cuban Cigars

Riley, 41, said he came up with the project at least in part to challenge the idea that the spying capabilities of the U.S. government have become all-encompassing.

WATCH: Meet Deadliest Gangs of New Zealand

You will be amazed at how rapidly they are growing and what they are doing to their beautiful country.

WATCH: 10 Creepiest True Hitchhiking Stories Will Freak You Out

WARNING: These stories are graphic and may be troubling.