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paternoster elevator

WATCH: This Strange 1913 Elevator Is One of the Last of Its Kind on...

We bet you've never seen anything like this before!
Freedom Cove BC

See How This Brilliant Family Lives on a Floating, Self-Sustaining Farm

This couple had a beautiful dream and they attained it ever so beautifully.
commonly mispronounced

20 Places You’ve Been Totally Mispronouncing

This fun tutorial will quickly make you realize you're not as educated as you thought you were.

Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort Offers a Dream Vacation, All Under One Roof

It's hard to beat the all-in-one quality of a resort like this.

America’s 5 Healthiest Airports

Next time you have to travel by plane, fear not, today's airports can accommodate every health nut.

Vintage 1970s Airline Lounges Make Us Dream of Retro Travel

Check out these amazing photos and commercials.
North Korean Airline

PHOTOS: Experience North Korea’s Airline Rated the Very ‘Worst Airline’ in the World

We promise you've probably never flown in an airplane like this!
confessions of hotel workers

13 Horrifying Hotel Worker Confessions

Their confessions will creep you out and blow your mind!
Man Killed by Camel

American Killed by Camel in Mexico

Find out how an American could possibly be killed by a camel in Mexico.