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Coachella’s Future in Indio Uncertain

Uncertainty looms over the future of Coachella as event organizers duke it out with city officials in Indio over a proposed tax initiative. The initiative, which would put a 5 -10 percent tax on admissions...

2012 Olympics Marketing Video Unveiled — But Does It Miss the Mark?

The Olympics is an extraordinary event because it’s the premiere moment when the world’s greatest athletes come together to show just how physically incredible– indeed, almost super human– they are. These are women and men who can run, swim, jump, and play badminton better than any of us could ever possibly dream.

Summer Traditions the New York Way

We all have our summer traditions--maybe there's an ice cream palor you frequent every Friday night, or a water park you spend Saturdays at with the kids. Summertime has the delicious appeal that makes...

4 Tips to Ensure Your Next Trip is Hassle-Free

It's gotten to be more expensive and stressful to travel now than ever before, thanks to traffic, airport security measures, terrorist threats on planes, lost luggage - the list just goes on and on....